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Turkey Election Candidates

March 2019 Election Information for All Mayors

I would like to start by wishing that the 2019 Local Elections would be beneficial to our country.

Election Goes to Turkey. The candidates were gradually determined and the last level was entered. Here is the names of all candidates and information about our article.

Candidates for Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (All Parties)
I list the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayors of all political parties. You can find information about candidates by clicking on the relevant field. Here are the candidates of Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

AK Party AKP Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Candidate

Binali Yıldırım

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Binali Yıldırım .View Binali’s Full Profile

Our current Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who is presently acting as the Speaker of the Assembly, is considered as the candidate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Also, it is inevitable that Binali brain candidacy seems to be inevitable as all the battles are in this direction and it is very important to win Istanbul in Ak Parti. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to announce his candidacy for Istanbul after G20.

Who is Binali Yıldırım?

Republican People’s Party CHP Candidate for Istanbul Mayor

Chp Istanbul Candidate

Not explained yet

Chp’s candidate for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has not been announced yet, Muharrem İNCE and Gürsel Tekin.

Chp leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu ‘s Istanbul candidate is expected to announce the AK Party’ s candidate after the announcement.

Will you be an alliance waiting for what expects us.

Nationalist Movement Party MHP Candidate for Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Candidate does not remove

Mhp leader Devlet Bahceli announced that he finished the Alliance of the Republic in the local elections, but announced that he would not nominate a candidate in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir provinces.

Good Party IP Candidate for Istanbul Mayor

Not explained yet

Good Party Leader Meral Akşener has not announced the Mayor of his party for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

However, it seems to be an option for Chp to agree with the Alliance of Nations and support Chp’s candidacy for Istanbul. Also, Akşener is determined to nominate for Ankara.

After the announcement by Meral Akşener, you can see the candidate of Good Party Istanbul and examine the details.

Independent Candidates / Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan MunicipalityNo Candidate yet

There is no independent candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

HDP Istanbul Mayor Candidate

Not explained yet

Hdp has not announced a candidate for Istanbul. Explains that the room is uncharted. Perhaps Chp Istanbul can support the candidate.


Selahattin Demirtaş may be a candidate for direct presidency from prison if he is released from prison.


March 2019 local elections will be apparent in the coming days.


AK Party Candidate for Ankara Mayor


Ankara candidate Mehmet Özhaseki

More professionals named Mehmet Özhaseki


The former mayor of Kayseri, and now Mehmet Özhaseki who is the deputy of Kayseri of Akparti Kayseri, became the candidate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Immediately after the announcement of the nomination of the former President İ. The message of support from Melih Gokcek came through Twitter.

Who is Mehmet Özhaseki?


CHP Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Candidate

Not explained yet


The leader of the People’s Party of the Republic Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu Chp’nin Ankara has not announced. It is said to be announced after the Party Assembly, but there is another detail. Chp can support the candidate of the Good Party in Ankara. There’s a backstage.


MHP Candidate for Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality
Candidate Does Not Remove


Mhp Leader Devlet Bahçeli announced that he will not nominate a candidate in Ankara. Mayor of Istanbul and Izmir, including Ankara, will not remove the candidate.


Best Party Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Candidate

Not explained yet


This topic is continuing to be written …

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