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What does Insurance mean? Important Information About Insurance

Information about insurance

insurance, insurance company, insured person is a contract for which a premium is paid against various risks. There is another answer to the questions of insurance.
You should not pose a risk to increase the risk of bringing this system together.

I mean, he’s insured, but he pays off. One does not have to pay large sums.

If we define the question of insurance more technically; a pool facing the risk. Damage suffered from this partner pool is covered by any risk that can be measured. You will not insure the management of this joint pool. Insurance pool from 3 groups: Insured, insured and insurance company.

Knowledge About Insurance Begins


Obligation of the borrowing subject to the insurance, the right to claim compensation for the damage incurred. With different policyholders, the insured may be different, but different. The insured person is insured.


The policyholder shall be the person who has received the insurance certificate and meets the price. While the person who insures the cost of the risk is insured, the person who will receive insurance compensation for risk creation is insured.

Insurance Types

What is Insurance Insurance?

Insurance is a type of property insurance. With the insurance of the vehicle, the vehicle is secured against damage such as burning, impact, damage by third parties. We offer main collaterals and additional guarantees to your vehicle with the Casco.

What is compulsory traffic insurance?

Compulsory Traffic Insurance, Forcing a Weapon and Traffic-Based Mediation in a Road Traffic Law 2918. Damage to the other party due to traffic accidents, allowances paid with this insurance.

Traffic insurance can be given to third parties.

What is private health insurance?

Private Health Insurance is a personalized plan for insured people to cover health expenses for diseases and accidents. Health services contracted with private health insurance (hospital, pharmacy, etc.) Health insurance, health insurance, health insurance, health insurance
To develop insurance, labor pension and annual life insurance products.

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